PDC certifié


Options for motivating talks, a few hours in length, on various themes such as:

  • Introduction to Permaculture;
  • Permacultivate your business, money is a misunderstood energy!;
  • Urban Permaculture, Zero grass, and Transition towns;
  • Living in community; Ecovillages and Intentional Communities;
  • Human Permaculture, the potential of the group, creativity that emerges from the right brain;
  • Zone 00 – Permaculture begins with oneself;
  • Optional: any subject that deals with the understanding of Permaculture and its application as a whole.


All attempts at creation of community, écovillage since Findhorn until our days will say to you that most difficult in this attempt at “creation of life” is the human interrelationship. The exchanges in the daily newspaper create conflicts which destroyed most beautiful of philosophies. Permaculture learns how to us to observe, respect, create bonds and especially… the adaptability.

To rebuild a human ecosystem will undoubtedly be the most ungrateful task of Permaculteur. During  this workshop, we will see together what blocks, which are, in addition to the communication, the diagrams dysfonctionnels which we developed and who go against the balance of the human ecosystem. How to become is even a functional system in the group while respecting our own values and our identity? By simple exercises, plays, it will be easy for us to start an effective change.

Time: 2:30 (more time of questions)

Material: Powerpoint, stereo chain for the music and belotte of wool or strings.


Other subjects can be developed on request.

For any information on these conferences, contact Bernard bernalon9@gmail.com